Setting Goals

Make It Your Problem

The ultimate reason for setting goals is to simply entice you into becoming the kind of person required to achieve them. ~ Jim Rohm

Goals as motivation, seems like a no brainer but I have fallen victim to the set low/achieve high syndrome. If you set a goal that is already in your reach (or maybe that you are already achieving)  fails all the tests. SMARTR – I am not sure this acronym is perfect, good, or even useful but it is a reminder that we should apply some metric when creating and reflecting on success of goals.

What if the new SMARTR was Stretch, aMazing, Awe inspiring, Relentless, Treasured, and Resistance? Would a goal of losing 10 pounds in three weeks through a change in exercise and diet, be a Stretch? Depends on if it is the first 10 pounds or the last. Depends if you are fit or…

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