Setting Goals

Make It Your Problem

The ultimate reason for setting goals is to simply entice you into becoming the kind of person required to achieve them. ~ Jim Rohm

Goals as motivation, seems like a no brainer but I have fallen victim to the set low/achieve high syndrome. If you set a goal that is already in your reach (or maybe that you are already achieving)  fails all the tests. SMARTR – I am not sure this acronym is perfect, good, or even useful but it is a reminder that we should apply some metric when creating and reflecting on success of goals.

What if the new SMARTR was Stretch, aMazing, Awe inspiring, Relentless, Treasured, and Resistance? Would a goal of losing 10 pounds in three weeks through a change in exercise and diet, be a Stretch? Depends on if it is the first 10 pounds or the last. Depends if you are fit or…

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Make It Your Problem

Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk. ~ H Jackson Brown (and others)

If you have a great love, you have experienced  risk. Stepping into the unknown, being open and vulnerable with another person is scary. Doing it  every day is like going down a giant slide blindfolded. You know what direction you are going but can’t be fully aware of what is coming. From my experience, having a great love is a life altering, purpose making decision that requires hard work every day and there is always a little bit of tension. Comfort, too much comfort leads to complacency and complacency is the sister of mediocrity. In a great love you need to risk daily/weekly incremental changes to your relationship. Building and breaking is easier on a solid foundation but at least once a year some bricks need to be examined and replaced. It would be easier to…

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Day 3 – Water

DSC_0006  Trying to show the change in the water…. even when you feel that there is no end to a fuggy road, there is always light at the end of the tunnel ! Keep positive. (The picture is a little blurred, I was working on manual)

Day 1 – Home

Necesitamos expresar en una imagen lo que significa hogar para nosotros. Así que cada uno tomo o busco una foto de lo que para cada quien signifaca la paz, seguridad, tranquilidad de la palabra hogar.

Home Janiel

Home – Janiel 1

La imagen segun descrita por Janiel es lo que es “Home” para el. El pasillo, por que es largo y el puede crecer alli hasta llegar al otro lado y su familia (La Ti-ti reemplazando para la foto a mamá).

Home - Janiel 2

Home – Janiel 2

El 2do lugar donde el dice sentirse en paz. En el carro viendo peliculas en el DVD de abordo…No comments!

Aqui estan desde la vision de mi pequeño.

Home - Manu

Home – Manu

Esta es mi paz, mi seguridad, mi tranquilidad, felicidad y mi todo…este es mi hogar. Mi esposa y compañera, no hay nada en el mundo que a pezar de sus altos y bajos me sienta mas en casa que mi mujer.